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Six bottles including cannonau wine, vermentino wine and grappa wine,
all of them prepped following an original and ancient family recipe.

Here's the story

of how we turned a passion into our job...

I still remember my father’s sweaty forehead while working hard on his land for days, even though he knew it would take a while before producing something.The first bunches of grapes started to grow, and my father would not stop working .

Later, the harvest would come with days of joy and our friends would join us to give us a hand.
My father worked tirelessly for months only to enjoy those few days in his friend’s company…I didn’t think it was a fair exchange.

Was is worthed?

He produced wine with great effort working day and night.

When the day came to taste the product of his work, he organised a dinner with family members and friends, and we spent all night celebrating.

I remember the pride in his face when he poured the first glass of the year. In that moment I finally understood.

All of his work and effort was rewarded in those moments of happiness; wine gibes you a reason to celebrate even when there is nothing to celebrate, it makes you happy because you taste it with dear friends.

I was only a child, but I was fascinated by this process.

cantina giampietro puggioni

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the process of wine making.

From how we work the land to the bottle.
All the passages of the wine making process.

The Harvest.

We collect grapes from our land, the same land we worked and took care of through the year.

The process of Fermentation

We keep the wine inside casks to start fermentation.

The Bottling

We bottle different types of wine we produced with great care.

Il Gusto

We taste our products all together.

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