'Cantina Giampiero Puggioni'

Specialising in the production of Cannonau wine, the 'Cantina Puggioni' is a farm in Mamoiada, located in the province of Nuoro, born from the passion of its founder, Giampietro Puggioni, for the land and for wine.

With three generations’ experience in the wine industry and having developed an in-depth knowledge of soils and modern winemaking techniques, Giampietro Puggioni fulfilled his lifelong dream and founded his own wine company, with the aim of producing excellent wines.

Today, the Puggioni Winery is synonymous with a high-quality brand on both a national and European level. Thanks to its perfect fusion of ancient cultivation techniques with the latest knowledge, it creates first class wines, overseeing all phases of the winemaking process.

The Winery

An important turning point for the wine business of Giampietro Puggioni occurred in 2003, when it purchased the former wine cooperative of the area.

The Puggioni Winery, easily spotted by visitors arriving in Mamoiada, has preserved the original structure of the wine tower, which consists of reinforced concrete tanks and is equipped with the latest equipment made from stainless steel and wood.

Due to its proximity to the vineyards of the area, the immediate vinification of freshly picked grapes is also possible.

The winery has been widely recognised by the most authoritative wine guides, such as L'Espresso and Gambero Rosso. The prestigious Gran Vinitaly prize, which the winery won at Vinitaly in Verona, is also worth mentioning.

The vineyards

The vineyards of the Puggioni Farm are located in the most suitable areas of Mamoiada, at an average altitude of approximately 700 meters above sea level and with a maximum yield of 60 quintals per hectare.

The saplings are grown according to organic farming methods, and are then planted in soils derived from decomposed granite.

The high temperature range and good soil acidity give the wine produced by the Giampietro Puggioni Winery a particularly unique bouquet with a pleasant scent of cherry.

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